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Barney Greenway The rats on / this earth / have nothing on you An insect / to those which / crawl the sewers Devourer, Plunderer, deceptor Sniff out a / scheme / and leave the scraps behind voracious ? Insatiate ? A nose attuned to greed Devourer, Plunderer, deceptor Evade all traps And come out gnashing, snarting, gnashing, snarting ! Disguise are many Media palm or man in the street. They'll scavenge your emotions and leave you diseased They'd steal a last possession and smile as you concede Devourer, Plunderer, deceptor

Descarca ultima melodie ultima melodie muzica straina melodiei versurile cuvintele Rock. Vermin versuri piesa album versuri ultima melodie Napalm Death album muzica melodiei.

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