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Versuri Walking On New Grass

I'm like a cloud drifting from town to town each new love just helps me on my way No one woman's ever gonna tie me down When one gets too close I'll just back up and say I gotta be walkin' on new grass singin' a new song Tomorrow there's no telling where I'll be But I'll be walking on new grass singing a new song The next time up the road keeps calling me I'm warning you don't fall in love with me I don't plan on being here too long You're just a leaf caught in a playfull breeze I'll carry you a while then I'll move on I gotta be walkin' on new grass... [ guitar ] I won't take roots I never stay that long and a bad seed just won't grow anyway This rolling stone don't wanna gather no moss When the grass starts to grow I'll back up and say Well I gotta be walkin' on new grass...

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