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Versuri You Pushed Me Too Far

I stood by while you flirted with my friends I held my tongue while you kicked me on my shins But this morning I found a strange necktie on the floor board of our car Someday you'll push me a little bit too far I'll forgive you this time but don't ever let it happen again Some day you're gonna push me just a little bit too far ah of course you did not Well you thought I'd be working all night long You had the nerve to bring your boyfriend in our home And now that I have found out what kind of wife you are Some day you'll push me a little bit too far Do what oh you want us to go up to our favorite spot on the mountain and make up Make up after what you've done to me Well honey I'm just like putty in your hands Okay come on let's broke the mountain yeah up the mountain Drive all way to top honey here we are It's like old times just bein' here with you Honey come a little closer over here that's it now you can get a better view yeah You say you'll never cheat again ah ah you don't know how right you are Cause now I've pushed you a little bit too far

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