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(Black sheep black sheep) This world holds many misteries that I don't understand One is why the wanderlust is born in the heart of a man I kissed young lips that thrilled me so and set my soul on fire I'm a black sheep boy and I just can't find the lips my heart desire Black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep) Why do I have to roam why can't I have a happy heart like other guys I've known This wanderlust in my hungry heart keeps me on the road I'm a black sheep boy there's a lot more oats that we've gotta sow Black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep) I've known life I've tasted love from a girl that's true and sweet She haunts me in my dreams at night and I can hardly sleep I won her self fancy then but my wanderin' heart says no Black sheep boy with lot more places we've gotta go Black sheep (black sheep)... I can hear my mama say as she sits there all alone My black sheep boy is a coming back never more to roam Black sheep (black sheep)... Black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep) muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele. Cuvintele album descarca versurile asculta versuri versuri Ferlin Husky cuvintele cuvintele Black Sheep cuvintele.

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