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Jeremy's got lots of pride Juxtaposed faith by his side [Can you resist this lonely man] Livid if it comes to action Protecting his putrefaction [Drug-induced man] Insipid in his gross desire What's his problem you might inquire Inside my head Nothing seems impossible Dorothy did it to herself tricked with her alarming stealth [Can you tell, is this real] Sought out every introvert Intent that everyone convert Spoke the language of the time Out of the hole she dug, she climbed Inside my head Nothing seems impossible Jimmy Joe wants another clue Then he's going to prove to you All the systems in the land Are rigged just like a sleight of hand He's been fishing for his life Without a hook that will entice Inside my head L: ??? (2:30) R: Nothing seems impossible These aliens from whom we're born May come one day and blow their horn [??? (2:43)] Everyone will say Of course And dig deep into their remorse [Through the sky] The aliens will fly away Will we return to our old fray? Inside my head Nothing seems impossible Inside my head Everything seems normal Inside my head ??? (3:38) twist is possible Outside in....

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