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Versuri The Lost Peace

Now you work it out Without fear of a doubt Not everything you touch will turn to gold You make me trun around If you raise your breath to shout Not everyone's who's brave it seems are bold So thanks very much It's not my right to judge Probably won't have the time to say goodbye Did you realize you've sold Those secrets I did hold A piece of mind, piece of mind First you say you won't Then you say you will Makes me feel like staying here and standing very still So if you've got the number Of a faithful friend to number Use it now, your time spent here's worth little So don't hold me back You won't catch me in this sad And tragic celebrations always pass me by And experience at cost Well you can't call it lost A piece of mind, peace of mind There may be a solution If we all agree to choose one Answers won't come falling from the sky The truth won't land you blind It's all we hope to find And you know something always comes along

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