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Versuri A Drink From The Cup

I drank from the cup Now I can't live without it A playful young pup Now an old dog with a new trick A potion that makes all appear as if new And all that was hidden comes into view I drank from the cup Knowing the danger of too much When I woke up The feeling had gone out of my touch I peered into space, an immaculate hue I ventured to taste it's impossible blue The things I imagined turned out to be real There weren't any secrets, I'd broken the seal I drank from a lake I wonder if l'll ever get back I think a mistake Till reason takes up all of the slack A banquet appeared and invited to dine On eternal bread and knowledgeable wine My host gave a glimpse of what was to be And I gave a toast then began to bleed A vision ecstatic but all too brief Left me mopping tears with an old handkerchief

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