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(Latimer/John McBurnie) You're looking nervous at the dealer Money goes like sand Slipping through your hands You're leaving everything behind you Wave it all goodbye I can hear you cry Wait - don't think about it Wait - it's never too late Wait - don't worry 'bout it Wait - leave it all to fate Wait Oh no this game is like a nightmare There can be no doubt Luck has dealt me out I'm only searching for the right time Money on the line I can hear you cry Andrew Latimer Guitar, Backing Vocals Jan Schelhaas Yamaha CS 80, Prophet 5, Yamaha Electric Grand Piano,2nd & 4th Moog solos Kit Watkins Hammond C3, Solina, Yamaha Electric Grand Piano, Rhodes Piano, 1st and 3rd Moog solos Colin Bass Bass and Lead Vocals Andy Ward Drums

Cuvintele melodia Camel mp3 versuri cuvinte descarca ultima melodie. Ultima melodie versurile mp3 album versuri asculta versurile muzica straina mp3 Wait.

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