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They woke you in the night a glare from bright headlights. Sentry's in a row, you watched them from a front window. Through sleepy eyes you saw the scene, and felt as if a dream... had come to life. Caught by surprise protection in disguise. A high barricade, the price too high to pay. The late-night dancers filled the street, and stopped as if a dream... had come to life A wail and a cry, blue lights flashing by In shadows of the trees, a zone runs in between. The young-boy soldiers filled the streets and moved as if a dream... had come to life. Can it be a nightmare? Will you wake and still be there? So you try to run, frightened you're the one left inside. muzica straina versuri melodia cuvinte melodiei. Camel cuvinte ultima melodie melodiei album Vopos ultima melodie album versuri versurile ultima melodie.

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