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(Latimer/Bardens/Ward) She is my first love Graceful in all her ways Folding the hillside Turning the sky from night into day She won't fail to take my breath away So soft this silence She brings before the dawn A time of twilight When all the world waits to be reborn Nobody knows her name No one knows how she came to be here at all Giving her loving Hoping to everyone Old as the hills Young just like the rising sun over fields That lie away beneath her feet Ev'ry time we meet She takes my breath away Andrew Latimer Guitars Peter Bardens Keyboards Richard Sinclair Lead Vocals, Bass Mel Collins Soprano Saxophone, Flutes Andy Ward Drums muzica straina asculta album melodiei melodia Camel cuvintele. Cuvinte versuri Breathless versuri ultima melodie melodiei muzica album cuvinte.

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