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Que pasa Hombre, do you know what's up? Don't fuck with me, baby, I'm gonna kick your butt Your blood will flow when I start to cut I'm a thriller, a chiller, a killer and though like Godzilla! Man you gotta kiss me where the sun don't shine I'm an assassin, I kick your ass and I tear your spine. Pretty soon your face will be my seat But before you die you will dance this pungent beat I think you don't know what I am A homicidal lunatic Despire of mankind Human life ain't shit to me And you will repent That you came into my life, fuck your body up like a carcrash Shoot you in your head, turn your face into a mash I'm not afraid to die, because I am invincible Viva la muerte, that's my goddamn principle Yeah I like to kill at will Against a guy like me exists no medicine or pill Fucking bath my hand in human waste Your twisting flesh is what I wanna taste The disagreeable part is yet to come I'm gonna get your bitch and fuck this piece of scum And when you start to smell, after a while She has to suck your dick, when I screw her in doggy-style I jerk off in your face And she licks it up She swallows everything Watching this stupid chick Sucking a deadmans dick Makes me really hot Just like a rebel, I'm making trouble Bitch, shut up otherwise you make it double Don't offer resistance, because I am invincible Viva la muerte, that's my motherfucking principle

Versuri Pungent Stench cuvintele versurile melodiei album. Viva La Muerte melodiei ultima melodie melodia muzica straina versuri.

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