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We are the force of Christian believes the ones who preach the mass our celibacy a false pretence we love to go through your ass nuns get laid but rather raped we just force them without care we like boys too from tip to toe but don't think that's a love affair all together now Viva il Vaticano! Call us priests or call us saints leaders of catholic believes We're God's arm so listen to us us - the faith thieves Read the bible believe in it believe what the maker said sin against God or sin against us you'll burn in hell and forever dead Now all together Viva il Vaticano! extended godly arm the boys from Vatican their might is right Catholic delight as history shows death to their foes the holy crusade in the name of the blade rape, pillage & burn last exit - a funeral urn Vatican's ambition heathen submission for every servant of sin unbeliever, heretic & libertine they offer death & damnation or a underage defloration

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