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This is the convent of sin The clerics are touching the skin of the novices - salivating with evil grin who joined to study catholic creed and despise all sexual deed but chaplains are goatish & horny indeed the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak sexual intercourse suck it - bon appetite harassment is the norm fornication at the convents dorm religious education in it's purest form read the bible and try to spell Amen the clerical trousers swell Satisfaction of needs for sinners of hell The spirit is willing But the flesh is weak Give head suck the Convents whoring clique So praise the lord And please his servers This lascivious horde Pastor or geek A catholic prick That needs to leak So take a shower Warm and golden At the convents tower Suck in the stall During the mass And swallow it all Is it Sodom or Gomorrah? What kind of whoredom It is penis plethora The convent of lust The final doctrine In cock we trust The path of the rector Call it anal or backdoor He's a rectal inspector Accept his benediction This is no fiction Praise sexual addiction Sodomy behind convent walls Grand excess in holy halls Masturbate in the confessional & cum into the passional

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