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Versuri Vampire

Try to keep her down beside, but last night I set her free Free to let her spirit fly, left my choking stare behind Maybe if her will could grow, she might feel the need to leave Dying in my shadow, doubting I could ever let her be herself A sinful reflection of me, will I ever set her free? My love has shut her up, break the spirit I don't understand รข€˜Cuz even as we're walking hand in hand, my life cuts her up An evil way to build me strong, a sad judge and so uptight It's too bad I'm so hung up I ask a simple question when I know the answer right I ask me if I love her as I tell her it's all right But nothing in my life would fit, I turned into an idiot Vampire, draining her desire Vampire, smother her with love When nothing in her life would fit she came upon an idiot Vampire Vampire

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