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Versuri Holy Picture

Nowâs the time to melt to walls Needles and pins and a voodoo doll With you Iâll gladly overdose One march to snow, the heavens know Bring me through your please-me groove (?) Lost, bitter, pain is flowing through Sheâs just a flower choked by weeds Iâve got to try to cure my need Obsessed with selection, Iâm a boy with horns An eyeful of reflection, I know no form Change the infusion, do it alone Land jeeps stammering, disrupt the flow Close to death, foolish and trashed Heart drawn in ashes; drink down another glass I wish that I couldnât stand We could put this cyclone in a trance Believe you angelic one, my nerves are tried I aim to conquer and divide I see the holy picture to know Maybe a werewolf chewinâ on your bones Wondering forever, uncertain of my health Like me I saw you hiding, drowning in yourself Scrambling my heart, trembling a laugh You canât fool me; youâre no pussycat

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