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My opinion could change today, but Iâm responsible anyway For second or third hand information That complicates the complication And I donât think before I speak And I donât know how far my words reach So wrong nearly every time, that Iâm sorry I speak my mind If what I said was unkind Now it feels like Iâm on fire Itâs burning the world through But donât hold it against me, âcuz I know youâre lying, too Is there any need for apology? Thereâs no reason to believe me Judgments born in my jealous mind, creeping inside outside Connections Iâve made never follow through And sooner or later disappoint you Or cross you twice when your back is turned, thatâs how Iâve learned That someone has got to be burned Now it feels like Iâm on fire, these words are not the truth But donât hold it against me, âcuz I know youâre lying, too Feels like Iâm on fire, itâs burning the world through Donât let me fall without someone to hold on to Someone to hold to, someone to hold on to album muzica straina cantece On Fire Sebadoh cantece versuri. Ultima melodie melodia melodia versuri.

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