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Even if I cared to try I couldn't please them. Their petty complaints, stupid restraints ain't gonna work. It's all to cheese and regret, don't fret, just push it away. And say I'm like the wind, relentless and irritating. A position that I think worth stating. Swing I'm doin' my thing. Groove I'm showin' and provin'. That maverick deal that makes you feel ill. It runs in my family. Fussin' and cussin' and bitchin' and kickin'. If you ask me I think that you're just chicken to try, don't pretend you're my friend. Remember I said it one day you'll regret it. Oh God I can't believe it. You have asked and so you shall receive it in the ear. Victory draws near but no fear my dear. I'll be here another year. What's it all about I scan a new plan for the next year In nineties try these you wanna just bust out. I cool out and I'm done bein' mad. To just know hate well that's so sad. What a life, strife. Backfire and your face know your place come on like. Word, they come like a herd but they said. We'd drop like a lead zeppelin in your face. But that's nothin' home team. I ain't got to my ace in the whole yet, bet that I will. Get my fill, get my thrill. We'll be back one day and we'll try not to spite. But until then you stay out of my sight. Oh, God, I can't believe it this groove's so dope. I'm about to have a fit and here's a flash. I freaked so hard I got whiplash. And when it comes to writing stay away from our stash. Swing I'm doin' my thing. Groove I'm showin' and provin'. That maverick deal that makes you feel ill. It runs in our family. Stoppin' and goin' and lyin' and trying'. My brain is on fire it feels like I'm flying through space. Yes doing my best but it'll get better this much I confess. Oh God I can't believe it but when this era's through I'll say that's it. Edification will take place. Pull up the reigns. And get out of the race. My bros are down for the Unity. 311 is down for the Unity. Unanimity of the Unity.

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