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I'm takin' to the bridge and there's a different country I'm bringing with me the people I know deep down are funky Oh yeah we dap we got the juice it's on tap Never take the itme to rewind all the weak crap Here take it it's yours the gift is calling The sunshine be falling our way first every morning I'ma magician you see I'm christened with condition Held over from a future would I've come to you so listen There's a place out in deep space Where all the brothers chant and dance and rant And shave their heads like Buddha I'm a fly guy you know I'm smoother Of course no remorese is felt for all those loser crews I do not care what you do, I always screw up But when I do it's nothing like you, I wish you grew up You're saying anything like promist to get clean Won't kick half dead fucked up in the head Just get him out of here he's making me sick We push a sucker out With much force and much clout Didn't want to do it Thats not what were about But we got to have a limit How low can you get it Seems about time to Change the subject And sing about the wise eyed That makes me feel Good and never do I leave misunderstood Damn you know I feel good true I got a choice of what I'm gonna do It's like this that Swingin on my bat Mix a melody with some back chat Tell 'em again Dam I know you feel good too You got a choice of what you're gonna do it's like this that Nippin' on a cat Mix a melody with some back chat I'm rollin' slow no particular place to go so nothings changed The more things stay the same the more it doesn't matter To a latte day St. Bernard acting hard But I throw down like a crazy retard But what cold make a man Wanna walk around the school yard with his tool hard What could make the switch to call a woman a bitch It probably downed when you couldn't get a date to the prom And you were stuck with Beavis Let's leave us on a note of positivity I'm saying this for levity But if I leave it brief I call it brevity I said I see the people rocking Which means there's no stopping the flow And you can just tell 'em that you know Every night yeah we turning up And comin' off live Like and final 311 battle breakin idols On the one you never heard before You know the hardcore rockin Pumping the dance floor Leave ya feet sore lookin for your Micatin Cecause the mic is deadly int he mood we in Certified not fakin coool like a Jamaican Every time the enemy hear us they will be shakin'

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