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Coming like a nightmare word like I'm gonna go for it Fuckin' around what ya got to show for it? Let it be know that I'm in the zone And whatever I need I just pick up the phone 'Cuz I'm true with it and you're new with it I just swing the thing and then I'm through with it I don't need friends to act like foes 'Cuz I'm Nick Hexum the one who knows About things... 'Cuz it takes two and we swings better than you Then it's time for the dub so we roll out the club And you know just what I do I'm hitting in the freak mode Puttin' on a load sippin' on a guinny Then lo and behold una vision from bottom to top And I just can't stop 311 show them the air is rarified But you don't give a damn 'cuz the groove is hellafied Grew up punk, listen to funk I'm a hyper type of fella that does not touch junk You're the back of the pack and the bottom of the stack That's waht you get when you're steady talkin' shit Not goin' for self that shit is on the shelf It's 95 and we go for the hive Listen up this you're gonna bump to this And if I'm feelin' mean I'm gonna clutch my fist Now when I say mean, I mean I'm gonna rock it You're gonna find out kid I'm bout to shock it When I'm on I'm gone I hear the beat that spawns The way we freak it and we kick up a storm The day we turn to pop the show will stop So feel the beat and get lost now Back to part 2 the hard way we play Sublime on time to all the fans I'm SA And if you don't know I say check the show Do what you got to on the dance flor> Some say the style is wack but I say fuck that Get the hell back and watch us rock the set We cast the mold bust it cold explode Megatrendsetters known around the globe Friends takin' you where you never been We done what we wanted craftin' poems You can rock there is a glow around you Lose control holmes just like we do Hard to obtain brotha' what's my name Mad to find unlike ya mamma and your masquerade I drive a mach-1 no dashboard Jesus I hear voices say that's Doug Martinez You're all up in my mix like fuckin' betty crocker You think you're playing me but actually you're a jocker You bad mouth me bitch man you givin me juice It aint nothin' but a party everybody get loose Notice what I don't do when stress steps to me Whatever your complaint so sue me I say fuck the naysayers and keep goin Gotta do what I gotta do to get the people glowin' So let everybody gather the more the better I represent the traveler him he's a shredder At ease with yourself and don't try to please me I'm just here today then quickly I'm out On the town one light I'm a glow worm For several hours wiggle jiggle like I'm a huge sperm Can't appreciate a brothers love of funky music You think I'm a silly rabbit 'cuz my style has tricks Of the way I feel now I just got to rock The music be poppin through me like electric shocks I think and blink and I wink but that shits not tiny 'Cuz in a blink of an eyelash you will not find me You're the back of the pack and the bottom of the stack That's what you get when you're steady talkin' shit Not goin' for self that shit is on the shelf 'Cuz it's 95 and we go for the hive

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