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When the Sun is dancing Rolling over Hills of Noone Butterflies are lazy Madness is what I discover Distant sounds of strange ways 'T means the sunny days are over Someone knows of my name Universe of disorder Curtain disappears Doomsday show is going on Something in my ears Music of my narrow home Twilight Sun is actor Really great eternal hero Happy end of this world The end of show is near Broken hearts are bleeding They feel sorry for this story Noone can't stop heeding Hailing to the actor's glory Twilight Sun is dancing Rolling over Hills of Noone Warriors of wasteland Singing world is over There is a home I live alone The storming waters in my pond Unbeaten tracks and endless road Since the creation of the world And I don't pine for if I die And I don't pine for if I lie No way to see the crown of skies Because that fire in my eyes And I don't pine for If I go insane And I don't pine for If I were afraid And I don't pine for If you say hello I'm only dreaming I shouldn't care at all

Cantece Twilight Sun mp3 muzica straina melodiei melodia. versuri descarca muzica descarca versuri cuvinte Gods Tower.

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