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Among the battlefield The lifeless steel shines bright Somebody's groaning near He knows he doomed to die Soon Semargl will bring them down Into the land of the Chosen One Where they will get their bless Into the Reign of Silence The last rays of the Sun Are fading in their eyes Among the Battlefield The Lonely raven cries So far away from friendly home Out of the land of Thousand Bogs And they preare to fade Into the Reign of Silence The cold touch of skies To all those who die The winds from beyond Are bringing the Night Almighty Peroun take us to your realm Soon Silence will rule In this Pagan Reign The Wisemen in white Said Blessed is who's died Preparing the death They are making the Rites Semargl will meet Them at Golden Gates Now there is no hate Just equal in death The Radiant God is fading away The Gloomy Semargl is coming to change They silently talk to the Homeland Good Bye. This time is to die Their life now flows away And souls now leave their hearts And nevermore again They'll be back to the land of Sun The last rays of the Sun The last drink of the air And they prepare to die To go to Silent Reign

Reign Of Silence Gods Tower. Asculta piesa descarca melodiei muzica straina ultima melodie versuri ultima melodie cantece piesa versuri.

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