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One who waits in mysterious land He can see Seven Rains Come with me let me show you the way I'll take away And now you've gotta be afraid Seven Rains of Fire Look at me and you'll see my crown I'm the king on the run I am rich, I am poor, I am dead I will show you land And there you've gotta Seven Rains of Fire I make me up now I am there Now I don't care I'm really here I'm really there So why do you stare? It's time to tell what do I want You're waiting for, You're waiting for So let us go to move the hills To show what you have got really to fear Seven Rains of Fire They're watching you Na-na-na I'm a prince of a dark I'm a king of a light which of us doesn't fight Every night that I cannot sleep I try to see in my telescope There I see that the planets come down I look around na-na-na-na-na Light of dark and the dark of dark And the rain of rain and that pain in the brain But they're watching you And they're watching me And they're watching us And they're watching everyione Seven Rains of Fire They're really watching you

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