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Is something missing in my touch, a tension tugging at my smile? If thereâs a right thing to say, Iâm sure I missed it by a mile Swallowed in some detail, heavy in my blood I wanna hold you close, but I canât lift my arms up Is there a reason for this distance? More than the drug that floats my days A nervous bug in my system, it keeps me edgy and ashamed Iâve got a saint, never ever will forgive That never understood me but still tells me how to live It fits when I stretch and I stretch because I can I stretch until Iâm sore and then I open up for more I do it out of habit, not addiction And if I give it up, clean out my blood Will I still feel bored and disconnected? If I do it all for love, will I ever give enough? âCuz you can never be too pure or too connected You can never be too pure or too connected You can never be too pure

Cuvintele melodiei melodiei cuvintele. Asculta melodiei Sebadoh muzica straina versuri versuri Too Pure versurile descarca cuvintele album ultima melodie.

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