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Versuri Till Johnny Comes

Stay with me, baby Till johnny comes He'll come one day, I know it But he's having fun He's out painting the world scarlet red And he's left me alone to be blue One day he'll come to take me away From this love I've been sharing with you Stay with me, baby Please, stay Till johnny comes Stay with me, baby And hold me near Just the way johnny used to hold me When he was here 'cause when last he was here, we were kissing And I thrilled to the way he spoke my name When he thinks of the true love he's been missing He'll be coming back to stake his claim Stay with me, baby Please, stay Till johnny comes Since johnny's been gone You have dried all of the tears I have cried Won't you stay here by my side Till johnny shows And I'll tell johnny he's come too late Just how long did he think I would wait And then stay with me forever Won't you stay with me forever After johnny goes Stay with me, baby Forever and ever and ever and ever Stay with me, baby

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