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Versuri You Need Me

When day is done and you come home You shouldn't spend your nights alone That's when you need me baby To always know that someone cares And love like mine should be shared We'll see you'll need me baby We'll build up dreams and memories And maybe raise a family So give your love to one who yearns I'll promise true love in return How can you be so blind Can't you see you need me If you should disappoint me And refuse my love I know my heart would die 'cause you are my reason for living My heart and soul I'm giving Darling hear my cry You need me To me my love's sacred thrill It's all for you and you alone You see you need me baby Though you may find another who Might take your love and be untrue You see you need me baby Have you experienced in the past One sided love affairs don't last No need to take a chance at all When I'm just waiting for your call How can you be so blind Can't you see you need me You need me, you need me

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