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Versuri You Gave Me Love

When I was down And life was filled with emptiness You gave me love A tender love to take the loneliness away Oh, happy days That lifted darkness from my eyes And made me see The dawn of happiness arrive and bring to me A special love Just your touch I feel such joy and ecstasy Life is gay Instead of pity and sympathy You gave me love Wonderful love Sweet, sweet love Like a child I was helpless and alone And so I cried But you came and held me close And dried my eyes I'm satisfied I feel content to know the Heavens made you mine 'cause here on earth I never thought that I could find Such a tender love Like a toy I just sat there on the shelf Till the day that you came To take me for yourself And gave me love Wonderful love Thank you darling Thank you honey You gave me love Bless the name That I took with no regrets For the years have come and gone It's just like when first we've met You gave me love Wonderful love Sweet, sweet love I bless the day you came my way You gave me love Thank you baby Bless you honey Sweet baby Wonderful love Tender love I'm satisfied yeah I'm satisfied yeah

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