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Ticket to LA I'd never been to LA in my life c'mon get me there Goin' down to blow down, said I'm gonna go today On a greyhound bus yeah, on the westbound highway Gonna buy my ticket ride a twenty dollar bill That's a quarantined motel I'm tired of losing said I'm gonna climb away, and take it to LA Child Better get out easy I'm tired of pleasing you Getting tied-up sleazy, I've gotta blow Chicago too I'm gonna ride half-way to vegas on a diamond ring gonna show you who I am Got a bag of redman, got a bottle of beaujolais hey a bottle of beaujolais Ride It Getting tired of wasting all my days You don't know me babe! You got a place to stay? Cmon on Nate Take it I don't know you Hey! You got a place to stay? Baby I've been wasted on the west bound highway all right! I'm getting bored today! all right! I'm getting bored today! C'mon jaguar! Ticket to LA Hey, I'm bored today Ticket to LA

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