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Get off of my back you're a drag and I'm ridin' alone. I said get down tread on your own wheel. People. They surround you like a tube of used glue. Always telling you what you can't do. They will never know the way that you feel. So whatcha gonna do about it now? You wanna get your hands on a piece of the pie. You'll never get answered when your asking why. Watchin' television when I heard somebody say your friend is insane. Oh! Can you hear me UO? Yeah? We're jammin' on. Kansas City (let's get insane) Chicago (let's get insane) And all the kids in L.A. New York City Albuquerque Toronto Pittsburgh P.A. Nobody's going to war the kids are goin insane In this world (the kids are insane) Every boy and girl (the kids are insane) They can't hold us back You've gotta live your life by Saturday Or remain just another American tragedy Where will you go? What will you do? Don't you know sometime you've gotta win the game?

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