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Empire Empire, build it higher and higher He's coming for booty On a black-eyed horse, he'll ride it up the wall They're gonna set you up pretty, Geronimo They'll stick you coal-washing at the cigar store for some firewater Well, Happy Thanksgiving You know they're coming from burgeon and chippin' in west You know their burghers really are the best the king of burgher Yeah, they got your empire east, you'll probably ask of it Opportunity's knocking, your empire's building and you're ready to call it a day but the wheel's already in motion Well on the train of tomorrow get out of the way Empire Builder Well you've got to hit the road pretty mama's boy like an empire builder Well you've got to say goodbye to your mama Like an empire builder Peacemaker Treebaker Salt Shaker Earthquaker Side Shafter Kingmaker

Album cuvinte album ultima melodie melodiei. Piesa versurile muzica straina album Urge Overkill versuri melodia muzica versuri Empire Builder melodiei cantece.

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