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Sing your song, words that have to continue. Tell a tale, seal the screen that is in you. Make your peace, face to face that is after. Reasons plain, tears of pain are not laughter. Cast off the mould, buy all you've sold, confidence lost, pay for the cost. Choose your way, realising our mission, figures lay, pulling strings for position. Take your bows, hear the people are calling. Play the game, Take the blame as you're falling. Time to confess, clean up the mess, stand in the white, step in the light. Use the time, show the face that is sorry, for the day, questions leading to worry. Hide your mask, show the face that is sorry. Time to question, answering all their worry. Time to confess, clean up the mess, cast off the mould, buy all you've sold.

Gentle Giant muzica versuri muzica straina versuri melodiei piesa cuvinte. Melodiei The face piesa piesa piesa.

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