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Versuri Another show

1. Lock the door and go, heads still in a daze, throw the key away, lost all count of days. Where's the float for the gas? How much left does he have? set the stage and so here's another show ask the band how they're feeling, never see them now dealing, in a way they never would we'll get our way, always could. 2. Sleep all day, there's another show today, find the map for the place, tell him where, just in case, set the stage and go, here's another show. 3. Stage is empty now always last to go. Where tomorrow? No, I don't want to know, all the scene is torn down, up again other town, set the stage and so, there's another show. Are we going out tonight? Find a friend and it's alright, leave the morning, moving so we can stage, another show.

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