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As I sit, as the world goes 'round, In the room I've known before. Is it me? Am I inside out? In a dream, as I watch the floor. Everywhere, see, they are closing in, (Do I need lifting, do I need lifting.) But you say, no, there's nobody there, (Do I need lifting, do I need lifting.) How the colors seemed so bright, Now it feels they've lost their glow. And the dreams, only nightmares now, Images, from down below. Everything is spinning 'round, 'Round and 'round I go. (Do I need lifting, do I need lifting.) Where's the door, now I don't know. (Do I need lifting, do I need lifting.) Funny how I lose control. Funny how, I don't feel me. But I do feel I'm inside out. But I hear, I feel, I see. Everything is getting dark. No, please don't lock me in. Am I here, the light is growing dim. (Do I need lifting, do I need lifting.) album mp3 album. Versuri descarca muzica straina ultima melodie cantece ultima melodie cuvinte album cantece cuvinte Inside out Gentle Giant ultima melodie versuri.

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