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[The story of Merlin and Nimue, one of Morgane's ladies in warning. She promised Merlin sex and marriage if he would teach her his black arts. But Nimue just used him, and with his own magic managed to cast a life-long spell on him, turning him into a rock. Many Knights seeking the Holy Grail later said that they heard Merlin's voice. In any case, he was never seen again] Love made a fool of me I am betrayed by love I let her in my secrets, my heart I still fall for her beauty And the smell of her skin She gave a meaning to everything There in the woods she taught me how to touch a girl I taught her to enchant any person in the world I feel my end is near I think I have to die I pay a high price feeling lust between her thighs I feel my end is near I thought I knew her well How could I ever be cast under my own spell And now my bride is gone She finally sealed my fate I love her more than life, and this is what she takes A man with a broken heart Lost the reason to live Lost in despair with nothing left to give

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