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Versuri Circle Of Witches

The foul smell of evil hangs over the moores Where in a lonely hut witches dwell. Repelling creatures ageless feared and fitted With powers from the depths of hell. Once a noble man a baron brother of the king himself Visited the witches on a daark dark night. He asked assist to gain the throne He sold his soul to win a fight. The days getting short and nights getting colder winter has come, the sun is too weak The forcees of night are now growing stronger Searching for souuls for men blind with greed Three witchees stand in a circle of evil Tongues speaking words old and unknown Call for a demon to serve in their daark spell Fulfill what they owe to get what men own I'll be king, I want the power, I will change my fate Magic's on my side foreveer, so the witches say Time is right to gane the throne, I'll take my brother down I'll be king to rule the land, yes I'll take the crown [Chorus:] I've lost my soul I've lost control To the circle of witches My life is black There's no way back From the circle of witches circle of witches circle of witches circle of witches - never again Lie in wait, prepared to fight, soon the king must come Allied with the darkest powers, murder will be done Loyal soldiers, stand for battle, bliinded are their eyes Witchcraft takes away their sight, as we take their lives I look at myself, a mirror of darkness My mind it is drowned, a dark flood of hate I owe too much to the powerrs of evil I know I'm damned, sealed is my fate For the gloom og gold and glory, I have sold my soul Blackened aree the sunny days, the dark side takes control Hell awaits as nightmares haunt me, demons in my head Satan waits with patient joy, he'll greet me when I'm dead.

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