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[The story of how young Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone, and of his ascent to the throne. Arthur was a great and good King, and a noble and generous man. Equally worthy of praise and full of mystery is the story of his sword, Excalibur, which could cut through Metal] Unknown heir Orphaned page A King to be Come his Age For God's sake Sorcerer Sword in Stone Release will Bring the Throne For the Chosen One The Almighty will point out The only royal blood in the crowd Excalibur Sword of the kings Take me on your wings Back where I belong Excalibur Unworthy Bound to fail Noble Heart Bound to gain Challenge your faith! Sorcerer Sword in Stone Release it Ascend the Throne and Take the crown The Almighty now throws the dice Arthur the man without a vice Precious Sword Arthur's hand He deserves To rule the land Lead Britannia Excalibur lights up the sky Hard times have been passing by

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