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Pain and death spreaad everywhere Fouul desease hangs in the air Corpses rot live to die Fate selects with closed eyes Black Death rules the country and rageess through the land Victims drop like flies, there seems to be no end Cities turn to ghost towns awaiting what will come People froze with fear, nowhere you could run laughing, Crying Tumbling, Dying Fighting, Abandoning Surrendeer to your fate [Chorus:] Black death - walks behind Black death - in every smile Black death - at your side Black death - you can't hide Some are rich, some are poor Kings and Queens Beggars Fools As they die they're all the same Fate is cruel but who's to blame Black Death rules the country, there is no good and bad There is no strong or mighty, all must bow their heaad Everybody is equal as they loosse their breath There is no salvation, there is only death The reaper's time now and here A skinless smile spreading feaar Bony hands reaach you It is the end, your life is through Pray to god for mercy, the reaper laughs aloud Blood drips from his scythe as he cuts the victims down Witches call for Satan, priests raise their hands Strong believes must fall, the reaper rules the land asculta melodiei melodiei cantece piesa Grave Digger melodia. Cuvintele piesa Black Death versuri muzica straina descarca cuvintele versuri versurile

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