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Versuri The Sabre And The Rose

Feet hit the ground; feet leaving town Quicker than a bullet or a knife Falling ain't no fun when you're on the run Honey we was runnin' for our life When Stagger Lee had drunk his fill of moonlight He turned his burnin' eyes upon my soul It's time, by God, to spend this night with someone else, he said. Squeeze a little pleasure from the gold (love & glory, children) We can take it easy when we're old. He said, We'll take us into town, lay our money down I'll bring you to the sweetest thing that grows Because the fairest ones in sight are bloomin' every night at a tavern Called the Sabre and the Rose. We swang into the saddle slick as breathing And slapped 'em once for pleasure with the reins The horses snorted frosty in the moonlight Somethin' dark was singing in my veins Older than the voices in my brain. He said, This place you're gonna see is where they live and breathe And sink down a little bit deeper every day And sometimes at night, when the wind is runnin' right, You can hear it suckin' thirty miles away Then the light was crimson and I found her, All naked and eternal and insane Sacred as the mysteries around her like a veil Nothin' but her prison was profane All we had in common was our chains. Ah-burn it down boys Burn it to the ground, boys Burn it on down Feet hit the ground; feet leaving town Quicker than a bullet or a knife All the way she ran holdin' to my hand Runnin' for the river and our life Slidin' from the moonlight into shadows Silent as the river as it flows Swimmin' to the place they'll never find us All we left behind us was our clothes And the stories, children. Sing about The Sabre and the Rose mp3 mp3 versurile Kris Kristofferson melodiei versuri album ultima melodie. The Sabre And The Rose melodiei versuri muzica straina.

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