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Versuri They Killed Him

There was a man named Mahatma Ghandi He would not bow down, he would not fight He knew the deal was down and dirty And nothing wrong could make it right away But he knew his duty, and the price he had to pay Just another holy man who tried to make a stand MY GOD, THEY KILLED HIM ! Another man from Atlanta, Georgia By the name of Martin Luther King He shook the land like rolling thunder And made the bells of freedom ring today With a dream of beauty that they could not burn away Just another holy man who dared to be a friend MY GOD, THEY KILLED HIM ! The only son of God Almighty The holy one called Jesus Christ Healed the lame and fed the hungry And for his love they took his life away On the road to glory where the story never ends Just the holy son of man we'll never understand MY GOD, THEY KILLED HIM ! Sing about Mahatma Ghandi Sing of Martin Luther King Sing Of Jesus Christ Almighty And the brothers Kennedy

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