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Versuri Third World War

Where the young men's brave new visions threaten old men's selfish dreams And they try to crush the spirit with their money and machines And they call it communism because they don't know what it means In the third world war And the rich keep getting richer and as wrong as they are right And the poor become the victims of the armies of the night And the odds are never even and their skins are never white In the third world war Broken rules and dirty warriors spreading lies and secret funds Can't defeat the Campesino with their money and their guns 'Cause he's fighting for his future and his Freedom and his sons In the third world war

Melodiei asculta cuvintele ultima melodie cuvinte. Third World War Kris Kristofferson piesa versuri ultima melodie album album versuri melodiei cuvintele muzica straina cantece.

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