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Versuri The Nailing

Disguise you're happy drive your will Down design your backseat take This pill now you're up in flames And it's your world now try to be strong Though i now you won't try at all It won't be easy you can take down anyone Love up in flames and it won't come down Stop crying those tears it won't help Anyway i'm buying your fears Your short on love it's no use to beg I can't hear you anyway stand up and Fall you've been set up there's no Easy way you're nothing at all inside Of the truth you live no lives in Spite of the truth you spread more Lies you're doubting the question You won't back off i get it no shit Don't do it dumb dog nail'em not a Chance i lean forwards i fall backwards I lean forwards time crawls backwards Round and round and round it goes Where it stops nobody knows you probably Will stare though you say you can't see Impossible pair it's fate they can't See how i love you till the end my Love for you will never end

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