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Ggotta skip this town get it on the Way never can look down gotta lead The way i'm jokin' i'm chokin' lookin' Far beyond lookin' way up high paint The sky so black i will never die rippin' It out of me it just be you just might Die live your life in agony what i say Is what i mean i might be tempted don't Treat me like a dog run fast so hard Now i cannot wait this is the test Of my endless fate pleased to meet Ya' treat to beat ya goddamn hippie All of your young will die you never Answer your makin' me insane ya Goddamn idiot i'm not sure it's not Clear let me find an answer for you I will not say it can't be done i've Missed it pissed it kissed it away Now there's silence only silence Lonely silence i don't hear anyone No turning back i've gone too far Cut thru my skin i can't be who you Are i guess i don't fit in goodbye

Melodia ultima melodie Invincible cantece mp3 descarca versuri cuvinte melodia. Melodia versuri muzica straina album Today Is The Day melodiei.

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