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I walked into the room There came a voice saying aloud Thou hast no business here! Your best bets to get out! The spirits in my head said You don't have to run! You don't have to run! I was not afraid of the dead I'd dealt with them before That's how I got my new life 1000 years ago or more I knew i must return to this house too much for me to bear the world outside, I just can't stand I just can't live out there! The spirits in my head said You don't have to run! You don't have to run! She's waiting for you in the upstairs room she's waiting for you in her bed she's waiting for you as you're climbing the stairs she's waiting for you and she's dead! Close the door feel the presence of Black Magic! Thinking that you'll never die is so tragic you hold her close, you look into her dark eyes Could this be, the devil in disguise?

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