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MerchantsConquering and pillaging our metal it will stand the mighty metallion will be heard across the land in the end aren't we all animals and leather is the word so welcome to the human zoo where metal can be heard [Chorus] Metal Merchants Metal Merchants Conquering and pillaging unleashed and let go death to modern music and to all who oppose we'll blacken eyes of their severed heads dismember them at night we'll shove our metal down their throats and show them who is right [Chorus] Bang your head against the stage Throw, throw your fist up in the air don't worry their downgrading of our leather and long hair thrusting with a vengeance now we know just what they are we're all metal merchants and there ain't no fucking stars. [Chorus] cuvinte muzica straina versurile versuri. Melodia muzica versuri versurile cantece cantece melodia cantece cuvinte cantece muzica Hallows Eve Metal Merchants.

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