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Shake your fist at the sky did your god up and die did your hero ever lie does your brain ever fry there are no rules let the thunder cry mean let the gods make a scene how can you fight it out throw your head back and shout there are no rules what gives you the right to stand up and fight there is only one rule though it may sound cruel there are no rules the wages of sin have the highest wage take a trip through hell cause the demons to rage there are no rules every generation bears a soldier of the truth who marches through the realm setting fire to every roof yelling there are no rules and as the flames leap high into the stormy night he leaps onto a log and laughs at the masses burning bright yelling there are no rules feel the flame in my voice do you have any choice but to reach out for the sky grab the sun you may no die there are no rules let the armies of the land march on till their damned my fetus will not spill on the ground that they till there are no rules shake your god by the robe tell him what you intend that's what it's gonna be he'll know in the end that there are no rules there are no rules there are no rules there are no ruaaaaa!! piesa cuvinte ultima melodie There Are No Rules cuvintele muzica. Muzica straina versuri asculta versuri piesa Hallows Eve melodia descarca

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