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Versuri The Insolent Caul

In possession of a celestial object the obtrusive fatigue lay still in a corner. The vivid, shuddering emotion let loose on the flawed pursuit returned bare. To walk among intricate ordeals, to survive the artifical heaven that turned the marble monuments pale is a cold effigy to the dulcet murmurings of loneliness. The insolent caul spoke of forgetfulness and the glittering air that tends the limpid seasons. The sea of reason clawed its way to a height and came crashing down, while the blazing thoughts lay vunerable beneath the elusive gaze. The distance is not a door but a silent, black wall to which we are committed. The moon is gone but my lidless sleep remembers its traces like fingerless hands crawling on my back. The sinister duel between waking and torture rages on as the dour hours slowly fall.

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