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Versuri It Almost Looked Human

With raiment bedecked by the grey, cloudfilled sky and the larks song pouring on the dying day the chain upon my limbs, groping the fleshless wounds, devoured the yearning bowels of compassion from foetal darkness. Sleep derived from falling to escape breathless depths where the dreamless pursuit is shattered, fused by contrivance from stained womb, drowning in the air so thick with deceit that the vapours of passion drop to your feet. From this angle it almost looked human But the hole in the ocean just swallowed me up Down here you may hear a sharpened scream forming featureless, enfettered states that have me tearing the walls of danger down here all is dark and dazzling Slain by bliss and grief I kissed the raindrop on your taut, wooden cheek to reveal an empty cry that passed in the swaying of the breeze.

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