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Time tears a hole in existence to languish supinely in torture see the essence of life in shafts of light and shade remnants gathered by trembling hands are now scattered across the world to form lifeless clouds of dust that bind my failing limbs Seamless visions and blurred moments hold my hands with chains of sand daylights breath as cold as razors cut my insides and leave me bleeding a wish for deepening darkness to hide me from all the pain and misery falls dead Shards of broken light scar me so deep that i darken my eyes to the world and light (is life but foreplay to a death we fear with each passing breath?) Perpetual motionless time has numbed all senses that i once held dear the walls drip with moisture in this lonely shell i slip away so none can see into the inknown where all stands still in a moment of death Time tears a hole in existence through shafts of light and shade trembling hands scatter my life dust into a perfect death

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