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Versuri The Heist (Part 1)

[Jadakiss] At the table sayin' a prayer holdin' hands And we got two stolen Benz everything's according to plans If anybody in the fam gets pinched Don't worry 'bout your kids control your wench Don't worry 'bout the money it's gon' get rinsed And don't worry 'bout me I won't approach the bench Now let's roll out and get that paper retho It might look easy but it's not sweet though It's either do this shit now or don't eat yo This is real life this ain't no TV show Word up- backed out With the macs out 'Nuff clips to shoot four duffels full of loot 22 Dilinger a piece for the boot Couple of bombs Remote for the alarms Outside still runnin' two big black 1500s Me and Styles wasn't blunted Must be your point to deal with money Even though I was nervous somehow it was still funny I hopped in one son hopped in the other Word to mother both trucks burn rubber Figure we could blanff with a mil or two In a tentacle I pulled up behind chemical Doors locked Styles left the other one Down four blocks it's on now ready or not [Styles] Synchronize your watch feed time to cops Get the rocks out the safety deposit box Kisses here and up all the guards on watch And the first thing I grab honey in the fotch Split for nothing You get the same you hit the button Before we hit the safe Where's the videotape Gotta look it in the face- forget it I want your eyelids in the bag got your seven digits Money and death- what you pick? And don't be a prick your life is worth more than chips Money is paper and the banks built bricks All of a sudden I heard a different gun's clip I couldn't be hit Cuz I didn't feel shit So I duck into cover Yell for my brother I yell yo [Jadakiss] Then I yell yo back You can bounce now dog I filled up two sacks Here's the dough keys to the truck go get in it Cuz time is our life and we ain't got a minute I looked outside and I saw the Lieutenant And I thought to myself, Damn, Styles is finished! We ain't come this far for this shit to happen Damn, nigga better get the Captain Heard six shots 'bout three hit the Captain Heard a few more but by then they attacked him Area surrounded parking lot packed in Just knocked my man off now I was trapped in But you know I'm going out in a blast With this last pineapple like they use in M*A*S*H And as soon as enough cops've filled up the room I pull the pin

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