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One , one , one Yeah! It's the second time around! Ya know , ya heard , (y'all know who this is) The real L.O.X. (no doubt) As we proceed To get rid of that bullshit (that's right) And give you what you need CHORUS: Scream L Cuz we livin and we love the life Scream O We official and we override Scream X Cuz we experts and experienced (who is it nigga) We gon kill till we die and be ruff when we ride (One more time c'mon) Scream L Cuz we livin and we love the life Scream O We official and we override Scream X Cuz we experts and experienced We gon kill till we die and be ruff when we ride [Sheek] Who that kid that Fly in his truck High as fuck Mami on my side she weeded I'm henneseyed up Wet like flipper Dick on my zipper Kind of soft Waitin for this bitch to finish her weed to suck me off I'm done now Step out my truck then peep out my style Place a hundred in this bum cup in front of Mr. Child Glock 19 Laser beam Fuck it no vest today No stress today , that's how I'm feelin today But if y'all shoot you think I won't put this bitch in my way I got love for my niggas that's deeper than lava Hotter than lava You point him out I'll pop the revolver Two years in jail and I don't need no package or nothing Sheek Louch true to this shit Y'all niggas is frontin We some evil motherfuckers you can tell when we smirk Comes to money we aint got no patience like doctors who don't work We drink till it don't hurt And the pain go away Now who you know out there who's fuckin with Sheek, Styles, and J C'mon [Styles] What comes around goes around and I'm waitin to die I smoke weed in a cloud make my face in the sky I get blasted off the liquor, sell drugs, carry a 5th Fuck with my dogs Till they put me in a morgue And even when I'm alone it's me and my toast Me and my ghost I wonder who get heated the most If you didn't live the life you probably couldn't relate I turn your face into pudding in the hood with an 8th Niggas beef over crack sales Scrap over hood rats Die over dice games You fuckin with us And I'ma still pop shit ridin up on a bus Like I'ma fuck a nigga up when I'm outta these cuffs And blow three niggas down cuz only cowards'll bluff Play it sweet when it's sour as fuck Calicoed up Money and the jewels and the powder is up I'ma make a nigga leak like I hit him with dust [Jadakiss] Nowadays it cost money to breathe That's why I tote around three Ankle to waist and one in my sleeve Fuck security y'all can give that money to me Cuz when the bullets go off they be under the tree I'm at your chick's house bagging up Groupies styled out The Kool-Aid too sweet and the phone don't dial out You don't gotta like me I show up to your wedding Rockin a white tee Your wife like oohh-wee And if I dance wit her Then I got a chance wit her But I aint gonna do her I'ma wait till after the honeymoon to screw her And let niggas run through her For y'all that's behind that wall blockin the street Homemade doorags off the top of the briefs Everybody get they turn to live You just gotta know when it's your turn don't burn your bridge And all the real niggas will die the worms'll live And that's real fucked up but that's how shit is Scream it CHORUS

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