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Versuri Not To Be Fucked With

(Stylez) Another small town cat with a million dollar fetish Learned my first lesson in jail from a peasant Always seem pleasant Happy to be present Said he past due, shouldn't have been in the essence Streets is like your girl, treat it like your wife You can flirt around with drugs, but don't hit the pipe You can mess around with guns but death ain't right Hold your breath, next step, cause life ain't right If you with the wrong cats then your cyph ain't tight Stylez hit the darkside, show them the light Life ended to the ice that freezes m.c.'s Friend of the flame, burn 'em in one game Tell oxygen he ain't hoppin in He a little time nigga, I ain't thinking of stoppin him Catch up first, you stretch up worse than them Been experts and done less work than them With no album, we net worth more than them These cats didn't think that the Lox could do it Got a hundred different styles that will guide you through it I'm the ghost of this shit, I provide you fluid Never crack sidewalks or ride the sewers You got some fly shit, but my shit Is like the whole city fallin out the sky bitch Loud tracks I'm the quiet loud ass Quick to set it off on your fucking foul ass Make six digits eight and cop a palace Make every rapper sick and call me malace Y'all niggas never know what the Stylez have Some shit in the stash that would crack a cow's back In a hundred pieces in they ass, and how's that? Never answer back, I'm the cancer on the track Just think, I could blink, and make the Pink Panther black Chorus x2 (Jadakiss) Who's not to be fucked with? (Stylez) That's me (Jadakiss) Who's to be fucked with? (Stylez) That's them Why don't you watch my back while I go ask them? (Jadakiss) And if they want beef later on I splash them (Stylez) And if they want to flow, right now I thrash them Should I give it to them new style or old fashion (Stylez) Do I have to break down the walls Stay off the floor I'm the general dog, I start the war Make every m.c. never spit again When I leave 'em empty No guts, no chest, no brain, no game Stylez go broke, I'm a rob the folk train I feel no pain Steal cocain Fuck black thugs that run through whole gangs Anytime that I want it nigga, better listen Blunt is the magic wand, I'm the magician Stylez is the virus, ain't no physician With an anecdote that can stop my colission Before you start asking, I'm a start splashing When I come through, it's like ten planes crashing Twenty ships, full of thugs, all of them is bastards Mashed up, looking through binocs, about to crash in What's the next issue? Sheek did official Called Spielberg, cops get tissue So you can rock in the sky when feds come and get you Next question is where nasa at? We need a hundred g's, can fly, when traffic bad When we down on the craps We plasmic gats Tellin you now you can't fuck with dinero Got a lot of space when it seem real narrow Sagitarrius style, spittin out arrows Hundred at a time, killin a hundred heroes Chorus x2

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